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Sep 25 / Peter

My Firefox 3

Still loving it ;p

Fresh screen:

Firefox X ;p


  • Adblock Plus, Element Hiding Helper – On favorite sites I remove stuff by both and of course ads.
  • Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon – Not even sure if this one does anything yet.
  • Add-on Compatibility Reporter – DisableĀ  and Compatibility check and report compat.
  • oldbar – One-line results in the dropdown of location/address/awesomebar
  • Stratiform – Some easy customisations
  • Stylish – Got some dark styles on Firefox pages like about:config, about:addons, etc. Thanks foxxyn8.
  • Tab Mix Plus – Remove New tab button. I can do that by the Customize menu now<3

The addon buttons are now placed on the Menu bar, which pops up when I hit Alt.

Feb 3 / Peter

My Firefox 2

I just love Firefox!

It now looks like this:



This is all achieved only by using a 3rd party theme for Windows 7 (why it’s black) and CSS in userChrome.css. Oh and the Customize option in View > Toolbars.

I am currently using these extensions.

Adblock Plus, Element hiding helper
Add-on Compatibility Reporter
F.B. Purity
F1 by Mozilla
Tab Mix Plus
WebMail Notifier

The removed status bar now overlay status bar is good but no need to show since it is default.

Nov 15 / Peter


If you connect Windows Live and Facebook and then unconnect you may experience bullshit.
The Facebook name which got forced on the Windows Live Messenger name may still appear. Even after changing the name(which never got changed, the Facebook name just appears no matter what) in Windows Live.
Also your contacts in Windows Live Messenger may see you connected with your Facebook even, after undoing the connectedness, changing the email in Facebook.

Jan 3 / Peter

Windows Live Spaces

This website and its integration with Windows Live Messenger is insanely retarded and useless.

Just because we like to use Messenger(for lack of a client with more stable webcam support -.-) we are forced to be spammed by Spaces.

Everyone on the internet (over 350 million people) uses Facebook for whatever purpose that even serves (think about it?). Imagine if Microsoft would have struck a deal with Facebook for the ability (we should have a choice! No damn forcing us to use anything) to integrate Facebook with Messenger instead of Spaces(Retards is the new name of Spaces).

So Windows Live Retards can go fuck itself.

Fuck the retards in my contact list who invite me to their retarded networks on Spaces or whatever.

Dec 20 / Peter

Expand groups on contact lists

Why do we have to deal with the hassle of going into a menu to change which contacts to be visible?

It could be so simple.

Expand group button could have three modes instead of two. I admit it could be slightly annoying for people who expand and contract their groups to check who in them are online in order to have a clean looking contact list.

So those few people may get an extra click, or they could sort their contacts better.

Either way this would be damn awesome. I sometimes look at my contact list in messengers to find someones email, and if they are offline it can be a pain if I forget to just search. Except of course if I need the group name to remember the right name! Then I would have to go into the darned menu to enable showing offline contacts in the groups.

This way I would only have to click once to find them and twice to get it back to normal.

And they could put the option to keep only two modes for the skeptics.

Sep 20 / Peter

Tokio Hotel

Lego Hotel?

If it does not already exist someone better make a Tokio Hotel video with Lego men.

Sep 17 / Peter

Taleban can read and write

Can you?

Aug 20 / Peter

Please do not comment

Since you won’t, anyway :o)

Just testing why comments are off when they’re actually on ^^

Mar 23 / Peter


Why do people lie?

To escape from the truth. To prevent punishment. To make others look bad. To prevent oneself from looking bad. To make oneself look better. And who knows what reasons people out there have for lying about anything.

Do we really have to do this?

I don’t know much about reality, but from my point of view a lot of lies will be uncovered and the truth will come out. Some sayings even go “the truth always comes out in the end” or so.

Perhaps the risk in lying is really not that high, perhaps my view is obscured by movies and TV series. I don’t know. Who knows?

What would the consequences of complete honesty be?

For me, they would probably have meant I would not have wasted as much gas driving around hiding the fact I was skipping school/work in the past. I might have looked for a job sooner some of those times in the past when I was about to drop out of some school. Basically, had I been honest to myself and my parents, I might have earned more money and saved my parents some gas through the years.

What about for you? Think about it.

Mar 21 / Peter

My Firefox

I believe someone asked why I hadn’t changed the looks of my Firefox, well he was right, it needed an overhaul :).

Removed all the things I never use anyway, moved a couple bookmarks away, too.

Addons: Classic Compact theme, Colorful tabs, Download Statusbar, Hide Menubar and Tab Mix Plus.



And yes, I like the Status bar.