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Mar 20 / Peter

Why do apps add more and more services?

First I noticed that, if you have Google Chrome installed and have Google Gears for Firefox, then you will get GoogleUpdate.exe running twice. What if you also have a Google Toolbar installed for Firefox? And Google Desktop/Search whatever? And Google Earth? I’ll try and install Earth and Chrome seperately later but those might be able to use just one together since I noticed that they suggest you download Chrome and Earth together at the Earth website.
Then I noticed that Live Messenger has to run wlcomm.exe as well as msnmgr.exe at all times. If you kill it, you will get instantly signed out of msn(*notes down*, that might be useful :p?).
Then today, after installing ActiveSync for my HTC Touch Dual, I looked, and what do you know? It is running wcescomm.exe and rapimgr.exe at all times. And the program doesn’t even have any Exit or Quit button. So I would have to kill both of the processes whenever I had synced with my phone.
And oh! PowerDVD. PDVD8Serv.exe, RichVideo.exe and brs.exe! I know I could just scrap PowerDVD but I happen to have a couple of movies in a format that I didn’t find any alternative to play(AVHCD). If you know one I would be happy to recieve a comment about it :p.
Maybe I should find them in Matroska and download them a-new.
If any one knows why some or all of these programs can’t just run one single damn process, I’d like to know.

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