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Dec 20 / Peter

Expand groups on contact lists

Why do we have to deal with the hassle of going into a menu to change which contacts to be visible?

It could be so simple.

Expand group button could have three modes instead of two. I admit it could be slightly annoying for people who expand and contract their groups to check who in them are online in order to have a clean looking contact list.

So those few people may get an extra click, or they could sort their contacts better.

Either way this would be damn awesome. I sometimes look at my contact list in messengers to find someones email, and if they are offline it can be a pain if I forget to just search. Except of course if I need the group name to remember the right name! Then I would have to go into the darned menu to enable showing offline contacts in the groups.

This way I would only have to click once to find them and twice to get it back to normal.

And they could put the option to keep only two modes for the skeptics.

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