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Aug 7 / Peter

Lucid dreaming

I was dreaming
I drove to my girlfriend
who was a 10 year old girl
who couldnt walk
ive dreamt about her before
but I dont know anysuch
and she was someone I randomly met somehow
if she did exist
I’d visit her
because she was nice
after that though
I for some reason drove to this family who lives outside Nordenskov
I havent visited them in many years because im not friends with them
oh I was just in my underwear there
dont know why
then my dad was already there
and he told me to go home
then my mom arrived
and she asked me if I’d drive
I said yes
then I went into their kids room and sprayed deodorant all over me
and suddenly I was naked
laying on my side on his floor
and like, making myself spin with my legs
then he came in and threw some ball towards my crotch but he missed
then somehow
Line was also there, and her friend
and a third girl
they were playing some kind of hide and seek game
it was all very strange
and I was still naked but no one noticed
actually I woke up like 4 times during this dream
and im not sure if I got the sequence right
and I never actually got to meet with the 10 year old girl
just another kid who was like her neighbour or something
I was walking down the street with him
asking about the girl
he said they were coming home from vacation today
and I think I was already just in my underwear by then o0
I remember thinking, OHNO he’s going to run away from me, I look like some kind of pervert!
and that was like, not really in the dream
but I wasnt awake at all
atleast not at that moment

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