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Sep 25 / Peter

My Firefox 3

Still loving it ;p

Fresh screen:

Firefox X ;p


  • Adblock Plus, Element Hiding Helper – On favorite sites I remove stuff by both and of course ads.
  • Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon – Not even sure if this one does anything yet.
  • Add-on Compatibility Reporter – DisableĀ  and Compatibility check and report compat.
  • oldbar – One-line results in the dropdown of location/address/awesomebar
  • Stratiform – Some easy customisations
  • Stylish – Got some dark styles on Firefox pages like about:config, about:addons, etc. Thanks foxxyn8.
  • Tab Mix Plus – Remove New tab button. I can do that by the Customize menu now<3

The addon buttons are now placed on the Menu bar, which pops up when I hit Alt.

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