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Mar 1 / Peter

List of things that should be banned from nicknames on chats and games

Now, you might say, hey, yaku, that’s not very original! But yaku is not really my nickname.

As much as I would love to keep it a secret forever and ever, I guess I have to spill it out.

Some time way too many years ago, panda and I were sitting in my, then, tiny room having a 2-man lan party and wanted to play GTA. Since this was before I ever joined IRC, I did not have a proper nickname, and GTA wanted one.  Out of that silly faction called Yakuza in the game I made Yakuzing.

I was young, it sounded cool…

Well now I keep it simply from lack of making up one that is as unique (try google for it, you will find mostly me and just some messed up japanese or chinese or something similar) and something that I feel comfortable with. Sometimes I fear that people might judge me for the nickname but so far I only had a couple asking me if I was asian.

Other names would simply not be me.

Well here we go.

First of; All adjectives!

No more MrBigCock24inch please.


Most nouns. Pretty much anything that isn’t already used goes. Have to say it this way because it would be fair if someone used, say, latin names of animals or plants or something insane like that.

More? Can’t think of anything else(maybe brandnames, but those would probably be covered by nouns already). I started out by naming a bunch of words one by one until I put them into these categories.

Thought it would be a funny list of words but it became… this…

/Sleepy time

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