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Mar 1 / Peter

Why does MSN/Windows Live Messenger have to be so ugly?

And why can’t it just use the theme that Windows is using? As it is now, it is nearly impossible to have it fit in with Windows unless you’re on Vista(and using standard theming!) or using the ugly Vista theme for XP.

Why not make it fit in everywhere?

Or perhaps allow the skinning communities out there to skin it!

Yes, I know there is always risks with skinning since bogus sites could lure people in, but maybe those stupid newbies needs to be fooled by such sites so they can learn to use their common sense of reason!

Winamp is doing fine with it’s skinning possibilities and I barely heard of any problems. I do remember there were some kind of abuse that made them put the confirmation dialog in. But that’s it!

I’m not sure, but I think even Mac OSX has several skinning options, and I think that many of their users are quite common folk who knows nothing about the machines they are using.

So why not? Are you lazy Microsoft? I doubt it. To my understanding the latest versions of MSN presented new ways to prevent customization. Although they did make a lot of improvements in the fields of hiding annoying menus and parts of it, it’s just not fair that I have to look at those ugly Vista captions!

Okay. I could use the msgplus skinning option.

But god! There’s simply not a decent skin out there, and they lack the hiding of ads and other annoyances!

Oh, and let’s not get into why everything has to be so damn big in Windows Vista and later. And I should not mention my annoyances with the “Organize”/”Views” bar that you have to reshack away, but I could find no help to do it in Vista 64 bit.

I got the idea to edit WLM in Froggle Style to fit with my current msstyle, Dumbass v5. So at the moment my eyes are getting tired from telling the difference from shades of grey. Sadly, all this work will only result in being able to show an image of how I would like msn to look.

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