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No more quoting songs.

My girlfriend found in the archive an old About text I wrote in 2007. When I was obsessed with KalOnline:

My kal history or something:

When I first heard about KalOnline from ZenTiX or TheDeathArt or was it kasch(I am not sure who), I was refusing it the same way I did with WoW. We were flaming any one who talked about WoW and Kal, but then, while kasch was here, right next to me, having a cozy lan party;

He was playing Kal, and eventually I started like mid February of 2005.

The first character I made was named Yaku or Yakuzing, I don’t remember, but I thought I had taken wrong stats, so I started over, and I did this 3 times or so. Found out I had done everything right on the first try anyway, though. But I ended up with YakuA(rcher).

At lvl 31, the lot of us(kasch, TheDeathArt, trylleklovn, hunterkil, zaik and I) started the guild DanishGeeks. I had to be leader since I was the only one capable.

We were like so many other guilds, we had parties and so.

But one day, sitting at Temp Fort with zaik, I spotted a name that seemed danish! “PingWineN”.

PingWineN was a high level mage(38!), and I wanted to party with her, badly :P. So at one point she went on a trip with her school or something, for 3 days. So I went hardcore.

The day she got back I was level 38. That did it, and on the same level, almost all the members in DanishGeeks left the guild.

By then SALVATION had been in it, too. That’s when they made SacredWarrior for the first time.

I joined TrollCity because they seemed like a good bunch. And they were indeed. I reckon I still got a couple buddies from back then. E.g. Shorty03.

But since PingWineN didn’t like the guild, I eventually left. Still on level 38, we joined EliteExistence! At that time this was the little-sister guild from EliteExposure.

I guess this was the point when I got known as the dog beach assassin. Though only few of those who call me that are still in Hanin.

But yeah, I wore the mask a bit until level 47. This is when I dropped my 14/12/3 Legendary Red Bow. Some said it was the best g48 bow at the time.

Well I had trouble getting over losing that bow, because it really was good. But life went on, got a 9/7/1 Rash Savage Tribe’s ChulTae Bow.

When I dropped the Red bow, I thought I’d quit, so I left EE2. For some reason, the guild ended up dying, so we all went to EE.

To be continued…

Part II

I remember that when I had lvled to 50, Xca gave me like 20k meds or something for lvling up.

At 51 I bought +2 Def Revenge’s G50 Shorts for like $500 from my friend tiki. Bought also same stated Gloves and for PingWineN G50 Shorts and Gloves from him. Yeah I paid a lot lol.

At lvl 53 I bought 14/14/5 Legendary G53 Diamond Bow from Kilu, the danish ccfer.

I don’t remember much things happening around these levels, really.

After MayaThi sold his g50 set to buy the first G56 bow in the game, and he needed only gloves to get full G50 again, made a deal with him to exchange my gloves to a chest.

And before that I had bought G50 Boots.

So to random people I was “full g50″…

And I of course ccfed to get it all.

So at some point after befriending “the dutch trio” , and bugging them to join EE, and they did, ended up with some troubles with them, which made us leave EE and join DivineSouls.

I guess at this point Iakovosss was with us since he was dating PingWineN.

Later on a lot of new people in DS whom I had supported joining the guild, became once again the reason that I left guild.

This time I joined… Not 100% sure, maybe I was in LostDyNasTy here. Ya I think that was it. I still consider Ktulu a really good friend, and I totally love emThi :).

Well it was a short visit in that guild, and we joined Hashishins.

After a good time in Hashishins, with a lot of new good friends… We left because of Iakovosss. Ping andn him had broken up and he was being an asshole.

But now Fablas was part of our team :) .

That’s all for today.

I even have 2 more years of a little kal to add :o

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