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Mar 20 / Peter

Why do apps add more and more services?

First I noticed that, if you have Google Chrome installed and have Google Gears for Firefox, then you will get GoogleUpdate.exe running twice. What if you also have a Google Toolbar installed for Firefox? And Google Desktop/Search whatever? And Google Earth? I’ll try and install Earth and Chrome seperately later but those might be able to use just one together since I noticed that they suggest you download Chrome and Earth together at the Earth website.
Then I noticed that Live Messenger has to run wlcomm.exe as well as msnmgr.exe at all times. If you kill it, you will get instantly signed out of msn(*notes down*, that might be useful :p?).
Then today, after installing ActiveSync for my HTC Touch Dual, I looked, and what do you know? It is running wcescomm.exe and rapimgr.exe at all times. And the program doesn’t even have any Exit or Quit button. So I would have to kill both of the processes whenever I had synced with my phone.
And oh! PowerDVD. PDVD8Serv.exe, RichVideo.exe and brs.exe! I know I could just scrap PowerDVD but I happen to have a couple of movies in a format that I didn’t find any alternative to play(AVHCD). If you know one I would be happy to recieve a comment about it :p.
Maybe I should find them in Matroska and download them a-new.
If any one knows why some or all of these programs can’t just run one single damn process, I’d like to know.

Mar 7 / Peter

We scandinavians just rule

Read this and feel the joy of having the good word spread.
New York Times: Scandinavian Nonbelievers, Which Is Not to Say Atheists

Mar 3 / Peter

Brilliant! Now I can have ~100 different applications started

I was looking around while hoping for some replies on a couple of threads when I found SevenVG R2 Theme for Win XP. Now, I don’t like the big fat taskbar, nor the shiny shit, but I was interested in getting the iconized taskbar! So I did and it’s really simple just one little regedit.

Iconized task bar

Get Windows 7 Iconized taskbar in XP and Vista.

Mar 1 / Peter

Shades of grey kill your eyes

I got lazy and didn’t really finish it, but atleast I copied the captions and made a Sign-in button in real Dumbass style. Slap for big.

WLM in Dumbass style

Original WLM in Froggle Style by FroggleNL

Mar 1 / Peter

Why does MSN/Windows Live Messenger have to be so ugly?

And why can’t it just use the theme that Windows is using? As it is now, it is nearly impossible to have it fit in with Windows unless you’re on Vista(and using standard theming!) or using the ugly Vista theme for XP.

Why not make it fit in everywhere?

Or perhaps allow the skinning communities out there to skin it!

Yes, I know there is always risks with skinning since bogus sites could lure people in, but maybe those stupid newbies needs to be fooled by such sites so they can learn to use their common sense of reason!

Winamp is doing fine with it’s skinning possibilities and I barely heard of any problems. I do remember there were some kind of abuse that made them put the confirmation dialog in. But that’s it!

I’m not sure, but I think even Mac OSX has several skinning options, and I think that many of their users are quite common folk who knows nothing about the machines they are using.

So why not? Are you lazy Microsoft? I doubt it. To my understanding the latest versions of MSN presented new ways to prevent customization. Although they did make a lot of improvements in the fields of hiding annoying menus and parts of it, it’s just not fair that I have to look at those ugly Vista captions!

Okay. I could use the msgplus skinning option.

But god! There’s simply not a decent skin out there, and they lack the hiding of ads and other annoyances!

Oh, and let’s not get into why everything has to be so damn big in Windows Vista and later. And I should not mention my annoyances with the “Organize”/”Views” bar that you have to reshack away, but I could find no help to do it in Vista 64 bit.

I got the idea to edit WLM in Froggle Style to fit with my current msstyle, Dumbass v5. So at the moment my eyes are getting tired from telling the difference from shades of grey. Sadly, all this work will only result in being able to show an image of how I would like msn to look.

Mar 1 / Peter

List of things that should be banned from nicknames on chats and games

Now, you might say, hey, yaku, that’s not very original! But yaku is not really my nickname.

As much as I would love to keep it a secret forever and ever, I guess I have to spill it out.

Some time way too many years ago, panda and I were sitting in my, then, tiny room having a 2-man lan party and wanted to play GTA. Since this was before I ever joined IRC, I did not have a proper nickname, and GTA wanted one.  Out of that silly faction called Yakuza in the game I made Yakuzing.

I was young, it sounded cool…

Well now I keep it simply from lack of making up one that is as unique (try google for it, you will find mostly me and just some messed up japanese or chinese or something similar) and something that I feel comfortable with. Sometimes I fear that people might judge me for the nickname but so far I only had a couple asking me if I was asian.

Other names would simply not be me.

Well here we go.

First of; All adjectives!

No more MrBigCock24inch please.


Most nouns. Pretty much anything that isn’t already used goes. Have to say it this way because it would be fair if someone used, say, latin names of animals or plants or something insane like that.

More? Can’t think of anything else(maybe brandnames, but those would probably be covered by nouns already). I started out by naming a bunch of words one by one until I put them into these categories.

Thought it would be a funny list of words but it became… this…

/Sleepy time

Feb 28 / Peter

My desktops from 2003 – now

I actually wanted to be lame and post all of the screenshots(71 and counting!) in this post, but it seems there is no WordPress plugin that does what the plugin I have installed on KalBox does.
So I will just have to link to my post on KalBox.

But I will resize my latest desktop to fit here. Click for big.

Ps. if anyone knows of a plugin like the one I have on KalBox that is supported in the latest WordPress release then please contact me. I have searched for an hour or two with no luck.

Feb 14 / Peter

I used to drink some Cult.

Roughly 8 per day during a year.


More pics >

Feb 14 / Peter


She doesn’t like me …


More pictures >

Feb 14 / Peter

The old moped

My sister had this moped that I drove for a few years…

Such a magnificent piece of machinery! Always makes me a little sad to see it’s not in my parents’ garage any more.

Puch Monza 4 gear

More pics
PS. they were not taken at any of the places I have lived, but at a friend’s place since I didn’t have a digital camera at the time. And, it’s actually kind of funny, because the photos were lost for years, but then the guy suddenly found them on his harddrive one day.